Making simple, stupid games by myself.


50% of Valsar / Co-creator of Dungeon Warfare series

Creator of To The Hell

Crew of Project.99

Organizer of Out Of Index Festival


jay at singlecoregames.net

Currently working on several indie game projects


Frincess&Cnight(Working Title)

To The Hell(Working Title)

Play (very old) demo: itch.io

Dungeon Warfare 2

Play: Steam

Wizard Rumble

Play: itch.io

Dungeon Warfare

Play: Steam AppStore GooglePlay


Play: AddictingGames Softgames Famobi

Fellow us

A game made for Global Game Jam 2015

Play: Google Play


A game made for LOWREZJAM

Play: Gamejolt


Play: Kongregate

Devil Fantasia

Unavailable now

No birds allowed

Play: Kongregate

Cowboy vs Ninjas

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Play: Kongregate

Happy Hour

A game made for Global Game Jam 2012

Unavailable now

Groping in the dark

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